Helping Caregivers
and Families Help Their Kids

As Autism grows – one in 44 American babies born today will be diagnosed with Autism – parents, caregivers, schools, medical professionals and extended families are challenged to help a generation of special kids with special needs reach their full potential.

Astrid brings an entirely new Artificial-Intelligence-driven tool to the table to monitor, track, analyze, learn and make tangible recommendations that can help caregivers reach goals faster. Founded by the father of a child with Autism, the solution is delivering amazing results for families around the world.


AI-Driven Healthcare

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A Story Anyone Can Follow

Autism, its behaviors and care strategies can be difficult to understand. Every child’s Autism is different and each caregivers approach needs to address those differences to be as effective as possible. This simple, engaging BlueStar-produced video gives a concise overview of the issues, challenges and potential of leveraging data and experience to make better choices that lead to results faster.

Making a Mark

Astrid’s unique technology-driven approach to Autism care is catching on. The company continues to attract ardent fans and advocates from the caregiver, medical and other Autism communities. With the help of BlueStar’s digital, demand-generation, virtual show support, PR, social and overall messaging, they are attracting more families as members and helping more kids be as successful as they can be.

“Autism is in the news just about every day with information and misinformation about the potential for entire generations of special-needs kids. Astrid is delivering results and giving hope to caregivers and families who understand each person’s potential simply needs to find the right path to shine.”

The Results

One of the most respected and experienced Autism care groups in the world.

In addition to a growing membership, Astrid has attracted the attention of TACA, one of the most respected and experienced Autism care and advocacy groups in the world. They are partnering to spread Astrid’s message and drive membership.