Selling the Value of Expertise that Turns Out Better Products

Hi-Tech Mold and Tool didn’t start out as a plastic parts producer. They were originally tool and technique experts, offering their expertise to help other molding companies do their jobs better.

After repeated requests from end customers, Hi-Tech became a full-service producer, finisher and assembler. Today, Hi-Tech engineers and production experts work as end-to-end collaborators with their customers to imagine, design and build better-performing plastics for less.


Hi-Tech Mold & Tool
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Selling the Value of Expertise

Hi-Tech sells expertise. They have much of the same basic equipment as everyone else. It’s how they use it, control it and pay attention to the chemistry of materials that makes them the superior supplier. Engineers want to know the technology is sound and proven. So we showcase the science and technology with examples and proof points.

The Value of New Ideas

Truly versatile injection molding is more than injection molding. Hi-Tech uses machining and finishing techniques not normally seen with plastics. Communications pieces needed to introduce and sell the value of new ideas. The challenge was striking the balance of information and excitement. How to be direct and scientific without putting the non-engineering audience to sleep.

The Results

We found better ways to showcase better solutions – the pipeline is full.

We acted like engineers to win over engineers. A series of tech talk pieces on Hi-Tech’s website showcased the company’s expertise and showed real differences in how the company approaches design, toolmaking, material composition, and new production processes. We drove engineers to the discussions via a digital and social program. The result: Hi-Tech was elevated to trusted advisor role, rather than a commodity vendor. The sales pipeline is full.