Brands Need Continual Management, Grooming and Reality Checks

Hubbell is home to dozens of the world’s leading energy brands. From electrical to lighting to power, there are Hubbell products delivering the energy you’re using to read this right now.

So many brands delivering so many USPs give Hubbell the opportunity to cross-sell, upsell and grow through association … but does that always make sense? Could an independent image be a smarter choice for some brands? So much to weigh and decide.


Electrical & Energy

  • Research
  • Strategy & Messaging
  • Advertising
  • Digital Programs
  • Internal Communications
  • Event Support
  • Catalogs


Distilling and Clarifying Multiple Brands and Markets

BlueStar conducted an exhaustive brand and product audit to better understand the scope, interrelationships and market perceptions of various brands. We listened to specifiers, electrical contractors, electrical distributors, architects and Hubbell’s customer-facing staff. Team BlueStar used the results to create a market plan, positioning, message guide and advertising campaigns.

The Ideal Messages and Tone for Each Audience

Hubbell research provided the roadmap for effective brand and product marketing. The remaining challenge was determining the tone and messages that work best across brands, markets and geographies. BlueStar created, tested and deployed various external and internal digital, print and signage campaigns to deliver the goods, including complete-solution positioning, product reliability, industry-specific expertise and architectural lighting showcases.

The Results

Because that’s what made sense for the market.

Hubbell was able to open up several new market opportunities by combining brands, products and messages, tapping into the potential for greater share of wallet. The company also learned which brands to strengthen as islands, promoting their individual value propositions because that’s what made sense for the market.