The Sky’s the Limit

BlueStar is an evolution that became a revolution. Team BlueStar made a conscientious decision to seek a better way. Founded as Maier Advertising in 1971, and evolving to Maier True Communication in 2001, we’d been around long enough to realize everyone was delivering the same so-called solutions. The result is the wasteland of tired ideas and offers du jour you see every day.

We took a good long look, did our research, identified the problem and developed the solution: BlueStar Communications Group.

BlueStar is all about being straightforward, real and in touch with your market needs, perceptions, dreams and desires. Our Big Bang process looks at the entire universe of options to create the one best solution for you. We’re clever and creative when we should be. But we’re also pragmatic thinkers who focus on creating real business value, measurable results and partnerships that drive your business forward.

Other Stuff You Should Know

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