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About BlueStar




Our Story

Where did you come from?

BlueStar is a new brand, but our agency has been around since 1971. We started as Maier Advertising, evolved to Maier True Communication and rebranded as BlueStar Communications Group in 2019. We chose BlueStar because Blue Stars are the hottest, brightest, highest energy objects in the universe. They radiate more power to shine above everything else. That’s what we do for our clients. You never stand still. You always stand out. Radiate.

Are you the new guys on the block or the experienced marketing mainstay?

Both. Really.
We are reenergized with new leadership and a technology-rich, metrics-driven vision that helps our clients show thought leadership in their markets and their marketing. Our staff is a balance of experienced marketers, strategists and creative types and young, hungry marketers, strategists and creative types. We’ve invested in technology. We’re always looking to see what’s new – and evaluate whether it works or it’s merely a passing phase.

Why Just B2B?

Business-to-Business marketing is different than B2C. Sure there are similarities, but many strategies, creatives and tones that work in B2C are big mistakes in a B2B. Try the emotional sales angle with an engineer. Let us know how technology, bioscience or manufacturing markets react to hype. Good luck in healthcare and financial markets if you play loose with facts or promises. The motivators are different. The channels are different. The appeal is different. The risk-aversion is different. Building exciting, compelling and moving stories that inspire action in B2B markets is an art and a science we’ve mastered. That’s why B2B magazine named us a top 50 B2B agency 12 years running.

Why should BlueStar be on my shortlist?

Maybe we should and maybe we shouldn’t. We don’t pretend to be something we’re not. So if you’re looking for an agency that’s tied up in process, panders to corporate politics or focuses on impressing you in meetings, we may not be right for you. If you’re looking for smart people who focus on the objectives, cut through the bull, get things done and deliver tangible improvements, we should talk. We’d rather impress you with results.

What’s it like to work with BlueStar?

We try to make it easy. But you need to do your part, too. Because the best results come from collaboration. As we help each other understand, your BlueStar team will be your proactive and responsive partner to get you where you need to go. Your dedicated project manager orchestrates your engagement – but you also have a direct line to the strategy and creative teams doing the work. So nothing gets lost in the translation.

If clients ask to play ping pong, do you let them win?

No. But we are not above matching them up with our weaker players.

Our Leadership

I.Todd Russell


Todd leads this established, fast-growing marketing, branding and advertising agency in its ongoing evolution into a dynamic, digital marketing powerhouse. Todd spearheaded the development and introduction of several new technology-based services, which delivered intelligent, metrics-rich benefits to clients and led to Agency growth of more than 30%. He refocused the company on high-tech, innovative and high-growth clients. While growing agency capabilities, he streamlined its focus on energy, technology, healthcare and industrial B2B. To better reflect client needs and locations Todd is currently establishing BlueStar's presence in Manhattan, on the West Coast and in the Southeast U.S.

He is an accomplished strategic marketing executive with expertise in building brands, commercializing programs, and advancing market positions via strategic planning, creative development, and leveraging new marketing technologies/platforms. Category-leading organizations he’s partnered with include: GE, Agilent Technologies, Cigna, Hubbell, RemedyOne, UCONN, Waste Management, Mercedes-Benz USA, TUMI, KOLL Development Company, Los Angeles Dodgers, Staples Center, and the Washington Redskins.

Rick Mellon

Executive Vice President of Creative

Rick leads the creative and technology teams at this established, fast-growing marketing, advertising and business-building powerhouse. His concepts and out-of-the-box thinking are the foundation of success stories for healthcare, technology, bioscience and manufacturing companies. He also leads BlueStar’s ever-evolving digital practice. From championing early adoption decades ago to leading today’s information-based marketing, Rick is expert at getting better results – fast, verifiable and for less. His work proves that the most effective initiatives combine creative, market understanding, technology and a solid plan to leverage the benefits of results.

Rick’s thinking and talents have been behind campaign for Cigna, Agilent Technologies, Hubbell, The Lee Company, and Mott Corporation.

Laura Kennedy

Executive Vice President of Finance

Laura is responsible for the financial, cash management, budgeting, and ongoing operations for this leading worldwide marketing and communications firm. She has been responsible for over $1 billion in billings during her time at the agency. She has leveraged her business acumen to introduce efficiency and accuracy tools that reduce client cost, improve service and create a streamlined yet detailed information path to answer client questions. Laura and her staff are responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and general ledger. She also oversees the administration of the company 401K Plan and investment portfolios. Laura’s people skills help her as a key player in the overall management of the company, including new business development, staffing, company benefits and employee contracts.

Bryan Johnson

Vice President,
Creative & Technology

Bryan has led several award-winning campaigns that delivered outstanding results and a solid ROI for clients of this established, fast-growing agency. He combines a vivid imagination, an artist’s eye and an understanding of client objectives to build solutions that capture the target’s attention and build a desire to know more. Bryan is fully involved at all stages in the development, design and production of pieces and treats each assignment as a challenge instead of a job. He is also a leader in digital delivery and leveraging technology to influence behavior, build consensus and drive action. Bryan’s designs, concepts and digital mastery span the deliverable spectrum, from advertising, sales support and demand generation to branding, digital displays and video. His expertise has helped scores of companies, including GE, Agilent Technologies, LeGrand, Wiremold, Bridgeport Fittings, The Lee Company, Mott Corporation and Cigna.

Ready to Radiate and Stand Out? It can change your world.