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Targeted marketing

Cigna Healthcare has a long history of success built upon knowing clients and their industries. To demonstrate, they conducted research on health benefit trends in the Technology industry. Rather than offer a detailed report, they worked with BlueStar to share key data points in a simple and engaging online presentation.

More information is below, but you can also see it here.

What We Did

  • Designed an interactive experience
  • Made it easy to navigate the story
  • Developed and included a flyer to download
  • Created an analytics dashboard to track user engagement


How do your company benefits compare?

To answer the question, start with similar companies. The average age and mindset of employees in technology companies aren’t the same as those working in other industries. While these research results aren’t for everyone, they demonstrate Cigna Healthcare’s commitment to find and share information.

Create an experience that can be measured.

Microsites allow you to measure engagement regularly, so you can see how effective email, social media, and other promotional efforts are in driving prospects to that online experience.

Online interactive made easy.

It doesn't have to take long, break your budget, or even live on your website. BlueStar designs and develops microsites and interactive presentations regularly – using domains we create, or one that you buy and point to a server we manage for you.