Selling the World on a New Energy Reality

GE Smart Grid is a great example of a multi-faceted initiative where BlueStar worked closely with a client’s marketing team, senior management, engineers, product people, sales teams, customers and other agencies.

The world of energy is changing. Renewables, distributed generation, grid capacity, changing demand, shifting demographics and technology breakthroughs are creating a new energy reality of efficiency, smart usage, monitoring and control. It’s a better reality … unless you’re afraid of change.


Electrical & Energy

  • Branding & Offer Definition
  • B2B & B2C Advertising
  • Collateral
  • Videos
  • IEEE introduction and Event
  • PR materials
  • Presentations and Sales Tools
  • Grid Education Program With National Geographic

Project Scope

Selling the Concept

People are suspicious of change – especially when they believe the current system is working just fine. BlueStar defined Smart Grid advances with GE engineers, utilities, consumer groups, regulators and visionaries to make the needs and advantages of a new grid reality attractive. Because without it, capacity will fall short of demand and old equipment/technologies will fail. We created messages that sold the vision, from utilities to consumers, regulators to educators, including an interactive, block-long “Smart Grid Experience Center” in Atlanta.

Selling GE’s Thought Leadership and Commitment

Utilities are suspicious of big energy. They doubt commitment to directional change because of past industry false starts. BlueStar created the “Real. Smart. Solutions.” theme to convince all of GE’s constituents that the time is now, the smart technology is here and it really does solve the problem. We drove the point home across practically every communications channel and media type. BlueStar developed a technology strata that had differing depths of detail to explain the Smart Grid – so engineers, regulators, consumers, utilities and other audiences received messages that made sense for their needs and level of understanding.

“The new energy reality is coming, one way or another. BlueStar helped GE roll out tomorrow on their terms, influencing everyone from utilities and consumers to regulators and government.”

The Results

GE became the immediate Smart Grid industry leader.

From the introduction at IEEE, GE became the immediate Smart Grid industry leader. Its Smart Grid initiative helped fuel the entire company’s move back to its traditional energy roots. Major utilities from coast to coast adopted GE’s Smart Grid sensors, condition-driven maintenance, on-demand billing and other initiatives. The Smart Grid lives today.