Getting Excited About Life After Cancer. Excited Enough to Help.

Cancer for College has been helping young cancer survivors with college scholarships to get their lives back on track for more than a quarter century.

It’s a never-ending grind of events, requests, celebrity interactions, student recruitment, corporate solicitations and spreading goodwill. It’s also one of the most fulfilling marketing partnerships on earth.


Cancer for College

  • Strategy & Messaging
  • Program Development
  • Digital Outreach
  • Web Design & Development
  • Video
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Corporate Partnerships


Every Touch Needs to Combine Excitement and Sentiment

There’s a unique challenge in getting people to care about contributing money for a cause. There isn’t a quid pro quo to sell on. BlueStar worked with the experienced Cancer for College experts to craft messages that tell the story of the need and couch it within an event. Each communication is lighthearted and entertaining (pretty challenging when cancer is in the conversation), delivers the gravity of the need and gives donors a reason to care. At the same time, we are sensitive to potential scholarship recipients and their families who are the ultimate beneficiaries of our efforts.

Leveraging Will Ferrell, Caring Celebrities and Generous Companies

We have a not-so-secret weapon – Will Ferrell. Our challenge is using Will’s limited time as effectively as possible. You will see him featured in flyers and videos and even playing along with fun promotions like our juggling challenge or store-to-store competition for Jersey Mike’s Month of Giving Campaign. Will especially enjoys being on Zoom calls to tell students they’re receiving a scholarship. We work with Cancer for College and our Celebrity contacts to recruit, excite and feature professional athletes, musicians and comics to help us help. Because people respond to people.

The Results

Each year, Cancer for College sets new records for lives changed.

More kids are getting more money to go to college and resume normal lives. Childhood cancer wipes out the savings of many families it affects. So there are more than health concerns to deal with after the disease is gone. Each year, Cancer for College sets new records for contributions, scholarships and lives changed. We like to think our communications programs have a lot to do with that.