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Start 2022 remembering 2021’s positives with a simple employee exercise. It’s a valuable level set that’s also good COVID-distracting fun.

Bad news brings clicks, so there’s no shortage of gloom & doom headlines everywhere you look. That’s no way to bring in a successful 2022. BlueStar staff started our first workday of the new year in a roundtable, reviewing last year’s numbers – professional and personal. In 2021, BlueStar counted 4 new clients, 5 new product/service/line-of-business commercializations, 3 new brands created, 2 companies launched, 2,247 unique projects, 1 child, 2 grandchildren, 1 wedding, 2 engagements, 2 new puppies and countless proud parent, spouse, co-worker and client-collaboration moments. That adds up to a very good year – with positives far outweighing mistakes and setbacks. We hadn’t remembered how successful we actually were in 2021. This simple exercise drove home the fact that what we do has huge impacts on successful companies, industries and careers.

So, what are your numbers for 2021?

Figuring them out as a group can be a good way to start your next all-hands or department meeting. It adds up to a great way to remind, motivate and inspire your team.