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With today being World Mental Health Day, we find it important to share the story of where we started and are today. If you are reading this post today, it is likely that you are among friends, family, colleagues, and associates who have already made so many positive contributions to improving the mental health system and have additionally been a personal inspiration to me.

At Janus Healthcare Partners, Paul Ciechanowski, Richard Clarke, and Traci Sweet and others have worked tirelessly along with myself, to launch Collaborative Care services across the country, in partnership with forward-thinking primary care groups and healthcare systems. This is an amazing group of individuals who have devoted their careers to treatment, research, and system change in behavioral health. It is our life’s work, and I am grateful for every day we spend together advancing our mission.

Before Janus, I had the honor of working with so many talented behavioral health experts at Magellan Health, led by amazing CMO leadership (#CarolineCarney) and through strategic investments in behavioral health innovators like Cobalt Therapeutics (#SethFeuerstein), Bayless Associates (#JustinBayless), NeuroFlow (#ChrisMolaro), Click Therapeutics (#DavidKlein), Kaden Health (#TraciSweet), Mightier (#CraigLund) among others. Collectively we have much work still ahead of us, but the world has already benefited from great contributions from you and many others to improve mental health awareness, access, and treatment. With this as the backdrop and knowing that so many of you are already committed to our common goal of improving mental health around the globe, I wanted to take a moment and recognize World Mental Health Day.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world and try to process the challenging events happening on a national and international scale, it is crucial to acknowledge the impact of mental health on individuals and communities. Raising awareness and implementing programs to provide support is essential work for us all.

Nick Tcherepnin
Janus Healthcare Partners