The Power of Brand: from Creative Solutions to Blocking and Tackling

Bridgeport Fittings is the North American leader in innovative zinc electrical fittings and a major force in other connection categories as well. They’ve prospered by elevating what many see as commodity products to a higher level.

The company’s quality, innovation, hands-on technical support and engineering have enabled them to thrive and manufacture their products onshore in Stratford, Connecticut.


Electrical & Energy

  • Branding
  • Digital Programs
  • Advertising
  • Collateral
  • Demand Generation
  • Video
  • Trade Shows


The Power of Orange

It started with contractors and distributors. They knew when they saw warehouse shelves filled with Bridgeport’s well-known orange packages, that an easy-to-use, high quality solution was at hand. BlueStar and Bridgeport capitalized on that reality and elevated Orange as a brand element used across all communications channels – from clever gatefold ads and video, to what might otherwise be considered the mundane must haves, like catalogs and sell sheets. Bridgeport. Orange. Better Results. It’s a sweet solution that’s elevated the brand and brought the promise to life.

Poised for Something Greater

Bridgeport’s marketing success is helping NSi, Bridgeport’s new parent company that assumed management when founding-family members retired. BlueStar and Bridgeport combined to reposition NSi and the varied solutions under its management. Rather than each brand standing independently as the stand-alone acquisitions they once were, we created common ground, shared benefits and created a greater overall story. The result, is a powerful way to cross sell and increase shelf space and brand preference for all of NSi’s solutions.

“Bridgeport Orange is infused with Vitamin B for Brand.”

The Results

Bridgeport has created a powerful brand story.

Bridgeport’s focus on consistent, differentiating, and value-filled messaging is a textbook example of the power of brand. Most of their competitors are small divisions of massive companies and pay little attention to fittings marketing – leaving them with no presence. Bridgeport, on the other hand, has created a powerful brand story and a category between commodity and specification where their quality and innovation live. As a result, they continue to steal share, support U.S. jobs and grow sales of higher-margin, time-saving products.