Rebranding to Reflect Growth and Dominance

Plastic is everywhere. But the plastic parts, packages, wraps and accessories you see all started out the same – as tiny pellets to be warmed, injected, molded, formed, cooled and machined. Osterman distributes those pellets to manufacturers across America and around the world.

This closely held business saw meteoric growth thanks to its expertise in materials, logistics and manufacturing. They needed a brand that demonstrates all this major player has to offer.


Commercial Distribution

  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Launch
  • Web Design & Development
  • Corporate Positioning Brochure
  • Digital Programs
  • Interactive Trade Show Tools
  • Product Sheets


We’re Not Under the Radar Anymore

Osterman has the same resources as the giant plastic resin distributors and manufacturers. The difference? This family-owned business reports only to their customers – no shareholders or parent company. This difference led to great growth because their responsiveness, flexibility and ability to get things done, made them a preferred supplier. Today, Osterman has hundreds of stocking warehouses around the world. They’re ready to ship a shoebox or a boxcar of product whenever and wherever it’s needed.

A Powerful Brand for Powerful Capabilities

BlueStar created a brand that expresses the powerful capabilities Osterman brings to the table. The colorful logo shows the range of possibilities, and each arch represents one of their core key attributes. We chose a super-hero collateral and web theme after numerous customers told us Osterman made them into heroes with their managers and customers. We use straightforward graphics and language to reflect Osterman’s straightforward business style. No corporate doubletalk here. Osterman is your solid partner in a plastic world.

The Results

Materials and logistics expertise continues to win business.

Osterman’s growth continues. Their materials and logistics expertise continues to win business and their brand reflects their attitude. An interactive trade show display brought the capabilities to life for attendees and today is part of the overall sales process. Customers can self-serve and get help whenever they need it – just like with Osterman.