3 Decades, 5 CEOs, 2 Owners,
4 Directional Changes,
Countless Initiatives, 1 Agency: BlueStar

Flexibility, understanding and the ability to deliver on corporate objectives have led to a decades-long relationship with Gexpro, a division of the Global Electrical Distributor Rexel. We began working together in 1990, when they were known as GE Supply.

Through the years, BlueStar has guided Gexpro’s marketing and communications to meet both evolutionary and revolutionary changes brought on by changes in the industry, leadership, objectives and strategy. Through a changing world, the one constant was BlueStar.


Electrical & Energy

  • Strategy & Messaging
  • Branding & Standards
  • Product & Service Launches
  • Demand Generation
  • Collateral
  • Trade Shows
  • Presentations
  • Video
  • Interactive Displays
  • POP & Environmental Displays


Did Everything They Asked

A 30-year relationship is longer than most marriages. And like successful marriages, it’s been filled with give-and-take, understanding, honest communication and a shared commitment for success. BlueStar electrical and energy experts turned countless Gexpro ideas and objectives into successful marketing initiatives. We responded to the goals of the project, the preferences of the leadership teams and the nuances of the market. Gexpro asked. BlueStar delivered. Business thrived.

Didn’t Wait to Be Asked

BlueStar’s greatest Gexpro victories had little to do with responding to asks. Over the years, our strategists saw needs, opportunities and resources that could be game changers for Gexpro. We acted, created and proposed complete programs that changed their business – from go-to-market strategy to product/service offerings. The BlueStar-created Active-8 Energy program led the company’s energy offering for years. Our consolidation of services into the Gexpro Performance Solutions (GPS) platform enabled service-rich cross-selling and accommodated the company’s position of Total Lower Cost.

“Overseas management insisted on going to a big New York firm for Gexpro branding work. A quarter of a million dollars later, the assignment was completed by BlueStar for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time.”

The Results

And we’re busy
working on the next big game-changing idea.

Gexpro’s marketing and understanding of meeting customer needs continues to lead the industry. They continue to grow and add new branch locations. Their service-rich, BlueStar-influenced position delivers value that electrical contractors, MRO and OEMs appreciate. And we’re busy working on the next big game-changing idea.