Creating Appeal for Surgeons,
Healthcare Systems and Patients

CSA is a leading developer and operator of outpatient surgery centers, having developed 21 centers over two decades.

The company partners with hospitals and healthcare centers to deliver top-notch centers that maintain more than 100 operating rooms that handle 100,000+ procedures each year by more than 500 surgeons and physicians.


Healthcare Systems

  • Research
  • Messaging
  • Website
  • Video

Project Scope

Co-operating for
Better Outcomes

Outpatient surgery centers are growing in popularity because of their convenience and cost advantages. CSA became a leader in its markets by insisting on top-quality care and delivering outstanding support staff and facilities to assist busy surgeons. They put together tangible value advantages for physicians/surgeons, health systems and patients.

Better Outcomes
for Everybody

Several constituents view CSA – Healthcare Organizations, Physicians/Surgeons, Patients – and each through their own lens. While health and positive clinical outcomes are always the top priority, we helped craft multi-layered messages that showed the value of CSA facilities and expertise from each audiences point of view – without presenting conflicting stories.

“Surgeons, health systems and patients can all be on the same page for better outcomes when they approach healthcare with the ability to co-operate.”

The Results

A Site that Makes Sense.

BlueStar worked closely with the physicians, clinicians and healthcare experts at CSA to craft a new website that got straight to the point, rather than talking around important issues like many competing organizations do. Every reader can walk away with a clear understanding of why CSA is the right choice for me.

CSA’s growth continues as its success attracting physicians, surgeons and patients to its surgery centers enables expansion and the development of new centers. Partnership and patient numbers continue to climb.