It’s Okay to Talk Trash When You Back it Up With Performance

You probably don’t think much about trash and recycling – unless you’re a business with tons of waste to dispose of each year. The choices you make can affect your business across the board.

Profitability, customer experiences, sustainability goals, brand and efficiency are all differences that count. It’s more than a team in a truck emptying your dumpsters.


Waste Management
Commercial Services

  • Strategy & Messaging
  • Program Development
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Metrics & Tracking


Targeting Food Service National Accounts

The volume and diversity of food service waste and recycling are key targets for Waste Management. Competitors can’t even come close to their range of services, infrastructure and service organization. Large nationals and regional companies dominate the market, making them ideal targets for Waste Management’s National Accounts program.

Focus/Test Key Messages to Key Segments

Food-service waste issues are different for grocery stores, full-service restaurants, family restaurants, convenience stores and fast food outlets. BlueStar worked with customer-facing Waste Management experts to uncover the differences and characterize them in five broad benefits groups. We created 25 customized digital outreach programs that showcased what those benefits can deliver for five distinct food-service segments. The programs included email nurturing, banners served by IP address or industry and 25 nuanced landing pages that showcased success stories, explained advantages and initiated a dialog.

“We knew Waste Management had the best solution. We simply needed to compel complacent prospects to discover how the right waste and recycling program can improve their businesses.”

The Results

Waste Management’s nationwide footprint is winning converts.

The sales team is thrilled. Waste Management’s nationwide footprint, personalized programs and unique elements℠ analysis & reporting tool is winning converts. BlueStar’s program saw more than three times the national averages for email opens and click through, banner click throughs and visits. Even prospects who were reluctant to sever ties with long-time haulers have stepped up to Waste Management’s superior service.