No Wire. No Worries. No Bad Growing Days.

Worldwide agriculture is moving indoors. From enclosed vertical farms in urban areas to massive greenhouse operations practically anywhere, more of our food is coming from indoor environments with the potential to tightly control growing conditions.

Longtime BlueStar client, NanoFlex Power Corporation, asked us to help brand, commercialize and market a new environmental monitoring automation and control system featuring wireless sensors powered by light, any light – from sunshine to low-level LEDs. So greenhouses and vertical farms can operate with ideal growing conditions around the clock. That means improved yields, better crop quality and the flexibility to move sensors anytime as crops and needs change.


NanoFlex Power Corporation

  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Demand Generation
  • Social Media & Video
  • e-commerce Site Support
  • Trade Show Design & Support
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Beta Testing Outreach & Support

Project Scope

Meet Ensora

Naming is always a fun challenge. The BlueStar Team’s naming exercise landed on Ensora for its soaring feel, relation to “sensor” and positive vibe. Our team brought the name to life with a vibrant, sensing, day/night mark and logo. Finally, messaging delivers on the promise of a state-or-the-art Internet of Things technology to improve an industry as old as civilization.

Talking to Today’s Growers

Today’s Indoor farmers are called Growers and their view of the world is different. We worked with Ensora engineers and technology experts to fine-tune how we speak to Growers about Ensora’s high-tech benefits. Our take was validated with Ensora’s successful kickoff at an indoor agriculture technology trade show. We created booth graphics, a touch-screen customer journey, collateral, demand generation and social media support. We also helped the client distill the most important Ensora benefetis and differentiators for an in-house produced video overview. While we’re proud of Ensora’s results to date, our biggest accomplishment will be Ensora’s contribution to improved, locally grown produce on tables around the world.

The Results

Leading growers are embracing Ensora technology.


Growers are understanding and appreciating the messages behind Ensora’s new take on precise measurement, automation and control. By resonating with real market needs and concerns, it is becoming recognized as a viable, valuable alternative that can increase yield, crop quality and productivity.