Exciting Engineers, Product Developers and Quality Control

Your high-school science teachers didn’t really tell you everything there is to know about the magic of metals. They can be more than strong building blocks or shapeable structures.

Mott Corporation is opening new fields of manufacturing, filtering and purity applications with metals and porous metals. Metals as filtration? You betcha. And nothing’s better, more accurate, longer lasting or more cost effective.


Engineering & Manufacturing

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Selling the Possibilities

Smart engineers accept the possibilities of porous metals for filtration and other manufacturing applications. In theory it’s a cool concept. BlueStar helped demonstrate that it’s also a cool reality with advantages in performance, cost-effectiveness, accuracy and purity. We did it by stressing the reality, showing actual results and backing it up with metrics.

Talking to Engineers

Engineers like data. It tells them the truth, reduces risk and helps them make better decisions. Engineers hate hype. BlueStar created print, digital and in-person materials that talked like engineers to engineers. We weren’t afraid to get technical. We chose substance over form. And we made our messages available across multiple channels so customers could self-serve, sales people could promote and new industries could see the potential of adopting the future.

“When you can move people to view reality through a different lens, your market position and sales look a lot better.”

The Results

Mott Corporation is the
de facto industry leader.

Today, Mott Corporation is the de facto industry leader in porous metal and metals for unique manufacturing, filtering and QC applications. It’s engineering newsletters see a nearly universal open rate and lead to ongoing dialogs about new applications and sales. BlueStar’s ability to work closely with smart engineers, on their terms, contributed to that.