A Brand for Living

Glendower is a quasi-public agency charged with investigating, developing, managing and improving housing.

Founded to help the city of New Haven, Connecticut, today Glendower professionals are lending their expertise to improve housing and energize communities everywhere.


Real Estate Development

  • Identity & Branding
  • Advertising
  • Digital Engagement
  • Messaging
  • Direct Mail
  • Collateral


A Human Brand

Team BlueStar viewed the Glendower name as a blank canvas. That gave us the freedom to color it with messages and tone that told the story of a uniquely caring development company. The end result is an inviting, comfortable, stable corporate mark and style that shows housing supporting the community. We carried that Glendower logo style through when the client added a separate 360 Property Management subsidiary.

A Humanistic Story

Shelter is one of life’s basic necessities, yet it’s often taken for granted. BlueStar created and executed stories that elevated the discussion. It’s no longer about a place to live – it’s a place for living. That powerful message works across audiences and resonates with investors, tenants, government and social services. A Glendower property is more than walls and roofs. It’s what’s inside.

“It was an easy decision not to use a typical developer or property management message – because Glendower is not a typical company.”

The Results

Taking on development and management projects on a larger scope.

Today, Glendower is expanding beyond its Connecticut origins and taking on development and management projects on a larger scope. We like to think their unique brand message has a lot to do with that.