Educating Parents on Smarter School Choices

The Renbrook School has been Bringing Learning to Life for central Connecticut students since 1935. While their mission of a well-rounded, learn-by-doing education has stood the test of time, technology, communications and social change have steadily evolved the details.

They are a refreshing alternative that attracts a diverse mix of families seeking the education of a lifetime.



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Deliver the Proven Message

Renbrook sits on the West Hartford – Avon, Connecticut border, competing with some of the best public-school systems in the country. We couldn’t simply say how Renbrook is different, we had to show it. Our series of banners was served geographically and showcased students and programs that took learning to a new level.

Overcoming Pandemic Concerns

In addition to outstanding learning opportunities, small class sizes and involved teachers, The Renbrook School has a 72-acre campus and hundreds of thousands of square feet for indoor and outdoor learning spaces. We promoted these differences as a complete, unmatchable package for remote or in-person learning. Renbrook students aren’t stuck “making do.” Instead, they’re making good on the promise of a hands-on education unhampered by roadblocks most other schools face.

“When we got the message out that Renbrook Kids Soar, parents got the message and wanted to learn more.”

The Results

The Renbrook message resonated with families.

Interest, enrollment and excitement are all soaring. The Renbrook message resonated with families. Inquiries rose to record numbers, despite the country’s concerns over school openings. It began with a healthy enrollment for Renbrooks’s virtual summer camp and continues with what may be the largest enrollment boost ever across the school.