Three Brands. Three Messages. Zero Confusion.

Rexel USA, Gexpro and Platt are quasi-competing North American sister companies of the global Rexel brand. In a radical move, the companies decided to display together at NECA, the industry’s largest and most prestigious trade show.

They offer many similar value-add services, albeit with different names and nuanced value propositions. How to deliver a clear, concise message that balances the brands without confusing attendees?


Electrical & Energy

  • Strategy & Messaging
  • Program Development
  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Oversized, interactive touch-screen stations
  • Pre- and Post-Show Communications
  • Project Management
  • Onsite Support


Creating Direct Messages that Resonate

The key to this project’s success was overcoming the natural tendency to over explain and complicate things. Working with senior management we fine-tuned a message that the three brands can help any electrical contractor with the three major elements of every project: (1) Pre-Bid/Bid, (2) Delivery/Logistics and (3) Execution/Efficiency.

Clear & Simple Touch-Screen Self-Service

Examples of the three elements were emblazoned on floor-to-ceiling panels with bold, attention-getting graphics. Three of the panels also included oversized touch screens. The BlueStar-designed, created and executed presentations enabled viewers to navigate through each part of a job and discover the brand-specific solutions that could help them be more successful and profitable.

The Results

There is such a thing as being the Talk of the Show.

It’s all about making the right impression right away. While the Rexel/Gexpro/Platt 20×20 foot booth was far from the largest at the show, it often attracted the largest crowds. Whether a salesperson or a customer was at the helm, the touch screens’ easy navigation, crisp video and tight stories pulled people in and delivered messages that made sense. The presentation was so successful that many Rexel, Gexpro and Platt locations installed touch screens in their showrooms to make it available to customers every day.