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BlueStar is celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year. It was May 1971 when we helped our first client, O-Z/Gedney. Thank you to the scores of clients who collaborated and put their faith in our ideas, people and ability to produce results for the last half century. You are the reason BlueStar continues to thrive while most other B2B agencies from the ‘70s are long gone.

A lot has changed in half a century – ten U.S. presidents, 11 vice presidents, computers got personal, stocks crashed, stocks soared, google replaced Britannica, social media replaced social calls, attention spans shrunk. (Are you still there?) Yet even more remains the same. People still crave value, innovation, quality, integrity, trust and reasons to believe. The tools and timeframes are different, but the desire to work together to entice, excite, educate and inspire have not waivered. The need to get into the minds of clients’ clients and create believers will never change.

We’ve been successful by looking forward instead of back – finding the next great idea or the next iteration of a proven performer. But we’re going to make an exception as we celebrate BlueStar’s Birthday – we’re looking back. Over the coming months, we’ll share posts about world events, client victories, marketing trends, and other interesting tidbits from the past 50 years, including our name changes from Maier Advertising to Maier True Communication to BlueStar Communications Group.

It feels good to be 50. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible.

Up Next: Reflections on the 2010 – 2020 decade.